• 創建所有媒體的 1:1 副本
  • 備份您的視頻遊戲和不受保護的 CD、DVD 和藍光光盤
  • 易於使用的界面,一鍵啟動
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Our products are offered as 'try-before-you-buy'.
If you proceed here you accept our purchase terms and VSO does not refund your money if you are not satisfied with our products. Please read in details our refund policy.


只需單擊一下,您就可以將游戲/CD/DVD/藍光的內容複製並刻錄到您的硬盤驅動器或另一張 CD/DVD/藍光光盤中。 BlindWrite 將媒體的所有特徵提取到硬盤驅動器或直接提取到空白磁盤,以製作原始文件的精確副本。它是保護您的投資免受兒童、划痕或頻繁使用造成的損壞的最佳工具。


從您要備份的磁盤類型的各種不同配置文件中進行選擇:自動、音頻 cd、音頻 cd+g(音頻+數據)、壞扇區(自動檢測標記為壞的扇區)、ISO 映像、nosplit、nibble。
定義默認的讀取和寫入速度。通過運行製作 1:1 的電影副本 任何DVD 在後台複製您的個人 CD/DVD 和藍光收藏。
*Blindwrite 不會剝離或壓縮文件。

Blindwrite 支持大量格式,包括:CloneCD (.CCD)、Iso 圖像 (.ISO)、Cuesheet/Binary (.CUE/.BIN)、Alcohol (.MDS)。
*不支持 Wii、Xbox 和 Playstation(取決於硬件配置)遊戲。
提示:CD/DVD 或藍光備份可以使用虛擬驅動器(即 Daemon Tools)直接從您的計算機運行!


    • 英特尔奔腾III/AMD阿斯龙处理器
    • 使用Windows Vista的1GB内存
    • 硬盘驱动器至少有4.3G的可用空间
    • DVD刻录机


  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7 - 32 & 64位
33 評論

comment The perfect solution for backing up my Karaoke collection...LOVE... comment
22 April 2015
United states

comment Excellent software comment
Joe White
05 March 2015

comment Great! Easy to use and it works! comment
Norman Beaney
16 February 2014

comment Fast and easy. I have clumsy hands and cannot avoid... comment
Helen B
12 February 2014

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17 January 2014
United kingdom

comment Excellent software comment
Rheal Charbonneau
16 January 2014

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04 December 2013

comment Blindwrite fulfilled my requirements and the price... comment
16 October 2013

comment This software has a very good reputation a long time... comment
L. Fadhel
02 October 2013

comment I love Blindwrite. I find it far and away better to... comment
18 September 2013
Fag, Albania

comment Blindwrite remains my favourite CD copying software.... comment
Darryl Harrson
18 September 2013

comment I\'m very happy for the new release.. now is fully... comment
Cristian P
17 May 2013
Rome, Italy

comment Have used this program for years, as I find it easy... comment
Bennett Smith
19 April 2013

comment I have used Blindwrite for years. I like the product... comment
John giedrys
10 April 2013
United states

comment best software i have used in a long time.i can\'t say... comment
everet reyes
03 April 2013
Los angeles, ca, United states

comment Blindwrite does exactly what I needed it to Thanks comment
Charles Batten
07 February 2013
Seattle, wa, United states

comment THANK YOU I AM SATISFIED comment
02 January 2013
London, United kingdom

comment Using Blindwrite for many years, it works absolutely... comment
Daniel, Switzerland
30 December 2012
Berlin, Germany

comment I was looking for a product to copy CD-G discs, and... comment
Melissa P.
28 December 2012

comment Very Good comment
06 December 2012
Berlin, Germany

comment I am very happy with the software.Some software gives... comment
Dennis Webber
05 December 2012

comment I really like your Blindwrite software! It wonks Great... comment
Fred Koerner
17 October 2012

comment works fine comment
Dennis T ravis
29 August 2012

comment It does what it says it will do! It is worth the $$. comment
21 August 2012

comment Superb piece of software and well worth the money,... comment
Darren Forster
29 July 2012

comment VSO is hands down the best software provider of CD... comment
Bill Dunshie
08 July 2012

comment Great product, great price comment
06 July 2012
Winnipeg, mb, Canada

comment Had it for years, works flawlessly. comment
Todd Fenmore
26 June 2012
Fredericksburg, TX, USA

comment great for copyig CDs comment
John Drummonds
26 June 2012
Macon, USA

comment Good Stuff comment
14 June 2012
Cedar rapids, ia, United states

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